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External Wall Insulation (EWI)


External Wall Insulation (EWI)

*Up to 45% of heat can be lost through external walls
Unfortunately not all homes are suitable for cavity wall insulation, examples of these are houses built using hollow blocks (9” cavity blocks), solid walls with no cavity. However there are other options available in the form of External Wall Insulation.
External Wall Insulation is fitted to the exterior of the home and can be finished in a range of textures and colours. It is sometimes referred to as a wrap around insulation as it wraps your home in Insulation.

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If you live in an older building with solid external walls or with narrow cavity walls, a post-war prefabricated home or a non-traditional property such as a timber or steel-framed house; you can benefit from external wall insulation.
If you constantly feel the need to turn the heating up and you live in one of the building types described above, now you know why.
The good news is that you can take control of your household heating bills.
We will fix our superior foam insulation to the outside of your property, along with a protective colour render. By stopping heat loss, you will save money and what is more, the unrivalled sealing technology offered by our foam insulation provides you with a robust barrier against damp, noise and pollution.
Before Bungalow
Adding Cladding
After bungalow

What Are The Benefits of External Wall Insulation?

If you are creating external wall insulation systems you will get a lot of advantages beyond greater comfort and habitability. There are many more amazing benefits to external wall insulation including the following:
Lower fuel bills: External wall insulation has many of the same benefits as internal wall insulation, the main benefit of which being less energy consumption – so you can lower your fuel bills.
Aesthetics: You can easily improve the appearance of a building with external wall insulation. Appearances can increase house prices in the UK, so it is well worth investing in a building’s aesthetics.
Less damp: Damp problems can affect any building, but insulation can help. A thick layer of insulation serves not only as a thermal warmer but also as a moisture barrier, which is great for mitigating the problems that can result from dampness.
Environmentally friendly: Insulation materials will make a building more energy-efficient, which is good for the environment. You get cooler summers and warmer winters from external wall insulation, so it is good for all seasons.
Increase building lifespan: You can prolong the life of a building with external wall insulation. Insulation can easily be replaced and repaired, which means that the external walls are protected at all times.
Increase house prices: Insulation products are not purely functional, they are also an investment. Well-insulated properties command higher prices, so you will get a good return on your spending when it comes time to sell.
Low disruption installations: For large buildings in particular internal wall insulation projects present a problem in terms of disruption. External wall insulation avoids this issue and is less annoying for residents.
Acoustic insulation: The noise from a large urban area, such as from passing cars and public transport is a nuisance for many people. External wall insulation limits the effects of external noise.

Our external finishes are available in a wide choice of colours giving you the ultimate choice

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Forget cold houses and the worry of rising energy bills. Take control and contact us today for a free, no-obligation survey to discover how you can enjoy a warmer and more energy efficient home.

*External Wall Heat Loss

Un-insulated solid walls lose heat at a rate of around 45%, meaning that for every £100 spent on heating an un-insulated solid wall property, around £45 is being wasted and escaping into the outside environment.
The good news is solid walls can be insulated and it is one of the most effective home improvements that can be made, with typical savings on gas heating bills of £445 – £475 per year. If you use oil, electricity or LPG as your heating source then these savings can be considerably higher!

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